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Our Connections

Lucy Molina


Lucy Molina grew up in the most polluted zip code in the nation and is now the single mother of two teens, Omar & Hannah. For years, she has fought to protect her community from some of the worst cases of environmental racism in Colorado’s history. She recently ran for City Council in Commerce City to work for a Just Transition away from fossil fuels – one where we mitigate the climate crisis without leaving anyone behind. She says, “Justice is long overdue for frontline communities literally at their last breath. Justice is not charity.”

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Nikie Day

Partner & Community Leader

Denver native born and raised. Although I have planted roots all over the Denver Metro Area , I have planted my feet in the Denver 5 Points neighborhood for the last 15 years, raising my two beautiful children. As a young single mother, I began making career choices that would best benefit my children as well as the community we live in. I have been en early education for over 16 years helping develop the young minds that will grace and change our world. My goal was to give my children a better childhood than I received.


As a surviver of childhood trauma, I wanted to make sure my children would be able to have the privilege of dodging some of the curve balls life throws at us. In doing so, I became active in my neighborhood by providing resources and services to my community. I started expressing myself through Art at an early age and have used it as a copping skill. I then began to use skills and introduce creative art to my community and the young children that I encounter in the educational field.


I am now a member of “The Green House” where I am able to let my creative juices flow freely while giving a space for others to create and release. In 2020 I started a clothing line called Neighborhood Homegirl which represents a woman of Strength, Loyalty & Passion. I am unapologetically an alpha female whose intellect can be threatening but should respected and valued. The purpose behind this brand is to give young women a platform to stand strong with confidence through all she’s been through. I want to use my clothing to give back to young girls who been through similar struggles as me. And so she quoted……..


“Through The Hood Bad And The Ugly She Stayed Solid.” Neighbor Homegirl


Nina Born

Event Host

Nina Born is a modern day mystic and alternative holistic health practitioner. Her offerings include guided-imagery meditations, Reiki energy balancing, sound healing, Womb Circle- a women’s empowerment circle, and ceremony. Her mission is to be a beacon of light anchoring unconditional love for the liberation of all beings, creating heaven on earth. Her moto is that “you are the medicine”. You already have everything you seek, right inside of you.

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Event Host

Allison (Allizen) Pancost is a Colorado based sound and energy guide.  She is a Pranic Healing Practitioner, meditation and breath-work instructor, dancer/choreographer, ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier, and 200hr e-RYT.


She uses 432hz clear quartz crystal sound bowls to aid in removing energy blocks, reaching meditative states, physical recovery and more!


“My first sound bath was on a lavender farm, in 2017.  After that, I would borrow a bowl to play at the end of my private yoga sessions and my clients loved it.  At that time, I didn’t realize how important sound medicine was, for me.  It was just a beautiful way to end the asana practice.  I started studying more, in depth, about manifestation and the quantum; learning everything is energy, frequency and vibration.  I became so enamored with the idea of entrainment, harnessing the human potential and the numerous benefits that frequencies offer, for mind body and spirit — chronic pain, sleep disorders, inflammation, stress, anxiety, PTSD,  depression— I decided it was time for my own set. I’ve had the privilege of sharing the magic ever since.”


Xitlali Baila

Event Host

Acclaimed dance artist, fashion designer and founder of the Awakened movement, Xitlali, known for her diverse cultural fusion dance performances brings grace and empowerment to your community through Xibaila. These strong yet graceful presentations leaves people exhilarated. 

Xibaila strives for purpose and meaning behind all presentations.

Innovative dance artist, fashion designer and community influencer Xitlali was born to captivate and grace audiences everywhere. Her passion for cultural dance was evident at an early age when she enrolled in her first class learning Mexican folklore from Jalisco and in her later years taking modern dance.

Even though Xitlali’s upbringing was not easy she found her strength and motivation through her many creative outlets. Learning diverse cultural dances awakened her to realize that through dance there are no social barriers. The Awakened is an all-inclusion multidisciplinary movement set to empower everyone through dance and creative artistic outlets sharing this medicine of unity and expression while creating a supporting ambiance, representing a positive message of hope and inspiration out in the communities. 

To learn more about Xitlalis and her sustainable hemp fashions visit her shop at and to learn more about the Awakened, participate and support the movement please visit the site below.

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